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Upgrade Your Influence is a podcast and email resource list that discusses goal setting, branding and strategy for bloggers, content creators and digital influencers. Each week, you will receive new tips, tutorials or thought pieces that will ignite your efforts.
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Upgrade Your Influence | Social Media Strategy, Goal Setting + Branding for Bloggers, Influencers + Creatives



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Jan 30, 2017

In the season one finale, we're going to discuss a few issues that seem to loom over the influencing and entrepreneur community. I'm highlighting five topics, including charging your worth and not underselling yourself, fighting imposter syndrome and believing in yourself, creating your own story and not trying to use someone else's, keeping your ideas and dreams to yourself, and creating more than you consume. Find references to this episode at

Jan 23, 2017

Getting laser focused on a topic for your content makes you more of an authority. Today we'll discuss why choosing a niche is important, and a few examples. What makes you stick out? Why should a brand/collaborator work with you? Let's get into it! 

Jan 20, 2017

In this mini-episode, I'm sharing a few tips on ways to share build your audience by engaging with other people's social media accounts. Always remember, social media is all about relationship building! 

Jan 18, 2017

This is an off the cuff episode, but I wanted to address being intentional with your time, and making sure your "busy work" is aligned with your main goals. Inspired by Myleik Teele's newest podcast episode w/ Karleen Roy. 

Jan 16, 2017

I use this very simple method to create content consistently. This process will work if you want to create on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Check out the entire plan at

Jan 15, 2017

Hashtags are the perfect way to document your posts, and follow along with other people's interests. Today, I'm sharing some strategies that will help you boost your engagement, and find your target audience. Shown notes can be found at

Jan 9, 2017

Today we’re discussing the importance of email marketing. We’ll talk about why you need a list, ways to grow it, how to get people to sign up, and the top platforms to use.

Jan 5, 2017

Today's mini episode is all about weeding out the social media platforms that will take up too much time and energy, and focusing on the platforms that you can dominate. Find out more at

Jan 3, 2017

Today’s show is all about social media marketing. We’ll break down the list of platforms and what each can be used for. I’d like to dedicate the month of January to visibility, so I’m also creating mini-episodes with one piece of actionable content every Thursday. Remember, social media is all about consistency, experimenting, and engagement.  The show notes for this episode can be found at upgradeyourinfluence/podcast/eight.